Food Safety Information

Low Risk Ambient Packer

Low risk

We only pack foods that are low risk - these are foods that do not support the growth or survival of pathogens (e.g. preserved / pH-controlled products. high-fat and low moisture foods).  We do not pack any high care foods, these include foods that support the growth of pathogens (e.g. salmonella) and foods that require chilled or frozen storage.

In a low risk factory, it is still essential to have good manufacturing practices in place to ensure excellent hygiene and food safety standards, including allergen and foreign body controls.


We only pack foods that are ambient (also known as shelf-stable) - these are foods that can be safely stored at room temperature in a sealed container for a long shelf life. 

We do not have temperature or humidity controlled storage facilities.


Herb & Spice Blends

All new herb & spice blends will need to be supplied with a certificate of analysis, to show they are free of pathogens.  Without this we are unable to pack the product.

Why? Due to the conditions they are grown and the frequent use of sun drying in the supply chain, there is a significant risk of the presence of pathogens in herbs & spices (salmonella & e-coli).  Heat treatment of herbs and spices is an accepted kill step to eradicate any pathogens. 


Raw Cacao

Any products containing raw cacao will need to be supplied with a certificate of analysis for each batch, to show they are free of pathogens.  Without this we are unable to pack the batch.

Why? Due to the conditions they are grown in there is the risk in all cocoa beans for the presence of pathogens (salmonella being the most common).  Roasting of them is an accepted kill step to eradicate this.   For raw cacao, this kill step has not occurred therefore there is a risk that this ingredient could lead to pathogen contamination further down the production chain.


CBD & Hemp

We are able to pack:

  • Hemp seeds
  • Hemp seed oil
  • Hemp seed flour
  • CBD extracted from hemp crops

All products containing CBD must be supplied with a Certificate of Analysis to show that THC is ‘Not detected' and confirmation the CBD is derived from hemp.

All products containing hemp, need to be supplied with confirmation the hemp is derived from hemp seed.

We will not be able to pack any products where the customer is unable to supply this information.

Why? As a BRC Food Certified site and packer of Informed Sports Products, Flexible Packing Services Ltd have a responsibility for ensuring we do not pack any substances which invalidate these certifications. We also have a duty to ensure we at all times follow UK laws.  The CBD supply chain can be global where regulations and controls may differ to the UK and there are examples in the news of supply chain fraud, as CBD can be derived from illegal crops (marijuana) as well as legal crops (hemp) and contain detectable levels of THC.

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