Powder Blending

Prior to sachet filling we can offer customers with existing products the complimentary option of on-site blending, using our 1000L ribbon blender. Using customer supplied ingredients and customer supplied recipes we can produce a variety of dry powder blends >50kg per order.

The advantage of having us blend and sachet is that you save on transport costs, plus keeping the blending and packing in one location can eliminate production handling errors and increase traceability. We are happy to offer you the complete solution of blending then Sachet Filling and if required Packing into Shelf Ready Cartons.  We are also happy to provide just one step of the process, we are truly flexible.

Our blender is housed in an isolated room with extraction fitted to avoid cross contamination. Meticulous checks and QC testing is carried out as standard. Completed blends are passed through a magnet and sieved into food grade bags, stored for free in our food grade warehouse ready to be filled into sachets by us.

Powder Blending

Food Powders Blended

powder blending

1000L Ribbon Blender


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Reduce Transport Costs

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